Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Make up your mind

Had the right tools to
stay dry on the way home last night.
The weather here has been shit,
it can't decide if it want to rain or snow.
I would rather have snow than rain in Nov.
I made it across all of the slippery bridges
and was almost home free when by some
crazy twist of fate the powers of the force
moved me out of the way of a snow fence the city had put up.
It was not there in the morning and I missed the T stake by inches.
That would have hurt, between the foggy low clouds and poor lights
the force of OH shit is all you have sometimes.
My weekend plans are in limbo with kids that
are not totally healthy. Not sure if
making them stand in the cold while daddy races is the
best idea. More to come on that, just have to wait and see.
It is cold in this dam building.

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