Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Foist

With a day now behind me I can think about all that went wrong in Duluth. I got back from vacation and put in some good work so I could do well there. And before things went bad, I felt pretty good. Granted that was only about a minute and a half before the wheels fell off the bus, but that is racing. I have to say that as a mountain bike course goes this was one of the best/hardest/most fun races that I have done. Now it is time to think about ST Cloud and finish on a good foot. So after an easy spin yesterday on the sscx bike tonight was a night to go ride some dirt and shake the bug out of the legs. What better way to do that than ride up at the proving grounds. I need to spend more time on the single speeds either the Spot or the CX and get back to what worked. So here is to hind sight,,,I hope that it works..

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