Sunday, October 18, 2009


Life here in the 608 has been a bit crazy. The Pip with the h1N1 pretty mild but her school had 200 kids all out at once. Seems like something is always going on. Their was a Wems race up at the HPT yesterday so I went up after work and watch the racers plow through the cold temps. Rode down through the quarry on the sscx not the best idea with 28mm tires,,,,but still stayed up right. Another trip up to the Proving Grounds today to get the Spot on dirt. Just did not have it rode ok just not the normal pop and snap. I watch the guys and gals get ready for the super d race then called it . Home for Football..... Now nothing but the great smell of red curry and one happy belly. What will the next week bring.? More changes?

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Matt said...

Broncos vs Vikings ...superbowl.