Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From Armstrong to Farve

First things first all the hype aside the old man did play a good game. Now that being said,,,,the Pack shot them selves in the foot one to many times. They were their own worst enemies in the games last night. The Offensive line needs to get figured out and I have a hard time believing that #4 could not get sacked or pressured by the D line. In all I am glad that it is over and the bye week is here, things in the locker room need to be addressed ,,like stop letting Rogers get sacked so many damn times. I was kind of hoping for a Contador Armstrong kind of battle and I think that if Rogers had a team around him that, the game would have played out that way. But much like the Tour all it did was fuel the fire of reporters to pump up yet another aging man with one hell of an Ego Problem.

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Spot On Your Pants said...

Hey There...this is a cool blog. Having lived in WI during the Favre era Super Bowl and now living in the Cities (but moving to La Crosse soon), it's interesting to be on both sides of the fence. To me his Southern drawl is the best part. Anything is possible, I suppose. Looking forward to perhaps meeting you on a trail one day?