Monday, November 02, 2009

New Standards

I got the needed Spot time yesterday. Rode ala solo because the superstar kid was too tired. That is fine time in the woods is good. All the leaves fell in the wind that we had on saturday, and it was a lot of wind. New signs on trails up at the HPT which is bull but from the way I understand it the wording in the grant was wrong and now people are trying to fix it. Would be a huge shame if the trails were lost or access was denied. Windy on the commute today and chilly on the way home but felt great to be moving out of doors in the first of november. If you are reading this and it is tonight go and look at the moon it was a great moon rise. It is in the forecast... ready??


Super Rookie said...

you need to show up to the biggest collection of singlespeed talent in the history of midwest cyclocross. all battling it out for a $500 prizelist.

Marko and James LaLonde
Ezra Taylor
Dave Meyer
Dan Casper
Brian Eppen

Will you be there?

The showdown starts at High Noon.

Matt said...

What a bunch on unnecessary bull - hope you get your trail access straightened out.