Saturday, November 14, 2009

One track mind

Went up to the big ball today and got after the dirt that it keeps watch of. Good temps and no precep although it sure looked like it wanted to do something. Trails in great shape and little coverage of leaves even though they are all out of the trees. A little over two hours of two wheel bliss. I wanted more but the tired body had other ideas. It has almost been three years since I rode these trails for the first time. I have to say to say that they are some of the the best that I have ever had the chance to spin on. Lots of time for the brain to rotate while riding....and many thanks go out to all that help me get though the years. Today I am saying thanks to the boys\girls @ Twin Six,,,,,, they help a fashionless Bike Geek have a bit of style. Off to the frozen tundra tomorrow not sure what to expect.....this will be like going to a stage of the the tour or being in the velodrome as the Roubaix finishes.

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