Monday, February 01, 2010

Chicken Legs

Back to back days out on two wheels.
I keep reminding my self that 
it is only 
and I should not expect much.
Hard to see but those were a flock of wild turkeys 
that were running up this hill with me.
Got to the top and was putting my camera away 
when Stains little helper
came to 
tell me what he thought.
Though the dam dog was going to eat me.
I yelled he barked then I turned around and went down.
This is the look of first hill of the year and 
it was not even a big one.
Spin to win recovery day.
Magura is on board for the year
brakes are on the 
way along with a new Lid from Uvex.
Will feel like Christmas  again in a few days.
Snow is coming but not lots enough
to wax the skis up again and get
after it a few more times
then it is two wheel time.

1 comment:

Matt said...

I've been telling myself the same thing. It is only Feb...and I'm rolling. No complaints. None whatsoever. Enjoy what we got because it makes the green season all the better.