Monday, February 22, 2010

Wet Water

Finally got some good fast snow on Sunday.
Met up with the Emag 
group for some 
sunrise skiing.
Duncan was back in town on his 
way to the big race up north.
We had a nice fast group.
Back home for breakfast and 
then off to the Dells.
Always crazy there, thought
that checking in on a sunday would be 
quite but we were wrong.
Lots of slides and H20, and 
dinner at the Moosejaw.
With full bellies time
to get back in the water.
The lines had calmed down a bit 
and the Kids and I got  a bunch more 
slides, even one with the whole 
Needless to say we are all a bit burnt out
today from so much water.
Fun but don't need to go back for a while.

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