Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 R'S

Most of the time it is all about going out and 
getting as many miles in as
you can.
Not this one for me. Taking it 
easy, having to work at the shop
and needing some hard to come by rest.
Lots of High End bikes moving yesterday and lots
of smiles, nice to see, as i don't see that to often in my M-F gig.
The Spot is coming along, getting the 
new brakes on now just needing to get the
cables cut. Still waiting for my hubs, once they 
are here wheels will be built.
The rumor is that the trails will be open this week,
so that will be a nice change.

Racing is going on this weekend in CA great to see the Dirt flying.
April is coming and that means that racing will start here soon..
Should have a good day tomorrow, still on track to meet the Goal.

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