Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh Willson

The Start Of S.
Good way to start a ride,
stark contrast to yesterdays ride.
Saturday in the the headphones, Husker  Du
Replacements, J hawks, where  better to ride
than MN.
There the climbs are longer just as much elevation gain but
the hills go much longer. Great ride
new roads and dirt, just what you need in the midst of
the first day of spring.
So today was get it done ride, and when S is out your front door you
can get it done.
It is a Punch you in the Eye Kind of climb.
And it is just the start of the day.
The Cut is my go to ride..
Their are many variations  that you
can link up but straight through is a good one.
Just a bit longer than if you rode to Copper and back and more elevation
Not the best photo that next bit 
of Pave where it drops off, is the 
start of the descent of S.
The winter has been hard on the road
but you can still get it up(that is what she said)
over 50MPH with out 
having to pedal.
Now the weekend is over.
What does monday have in store??

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