Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday 13th

Not superstious,
but in the way to work I decided to throw my
self on the ground to see
how I would slide across some crushed lime stone.
I think I slid well because I am missing some flesh a top my thigh.
Great way to start the day hip hurts and I have a race tomorrow.
Pain Killers and High Life should fix things at least well enough to
ride my bike in the race.
Stupid I hit the only greasy spot on the trail and their you have it.
Almost as stupid as all the people who say they want
to buy my road frame but then want me to send it COD.
Yea right had a guy say that Pay Pal is not trust worthy?
And shipping with out payment is.
Great start to the day at least it is not raining.
Think that there are some Brats in the fridge for Dinner,better finish to the day.

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