Sunday, June 29, 2008


Another one in the books. This time I started off where i wanted to be. Just behind 2 Gary Fisher riders and a BMC rider. The pace was fast out on the ski trail on our way to the single track. As the guys off the front started to gap my plan was to just keep pushing. Picked up one or two and another guy in the lead group had the bad luck of his fork coming apart. As the second lap started I sat 5th behind the pros so I am happy with where I am just need to keep the pace up. That is when it hit a front flat. Not sure how or why but it happened. Quick change but had 7 guys pass me, wheel back in and I was off picking up rides one by one. I was using the new green bar ends to the best of their ability and things were working i was going to make it back to my og spot. That is when the second bit of shit hit and I went down on a bridge. Crashing hard and pulling off my bar end. I now have a grip that is more of a throttle moving all over the place and a sore right side. I put my head down and kept up the work. With only 1/2 a mile left i pass one more and rolled the line hands in the air with my grip in my hand. 7th place ,could not catch the last 2 that passed me but caught the other 5. Not bad had good chase just need to stay upright. The bike rode sweet and the cages kept the bottles in check and my front fork is the best out there, and thanks to Jeff for the grips I now believe in bar ends. Next year things will go better. Now need to get ready for the next one on sunday. Photo Marshfield Hearld

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Matt said...

Way to stick with it amigo and ride through all of the mishaps. Congrats - sounds like you are riding strong!