Monday, June 15, 2009

Dirt Spanker

Hard yes,,,,Harder than I thought that it would be. Very glad to have ridden the trail on saturday with Sophia. I don't think that she was to in to it but that all changed come,,,
Sunday!! Here she is leading out the women up the big first grind. She showed them how to climb.
Coming through on lap 2 she was sitting in 3rd only one minute down I told her to toss her bottle and she chucked right at her brother. Finished in first for age group and 2nd over all.. Great race.
My turn. Great start up the grind 6 or 7th going in to the single. motoring through the first lap I found my self on the deck. Got up and latched on to Eric, only to loose him towards the end of the lap. for the next 2 laps I bounced back and forth passing on the climbs only to get passed on the flats. End of the 3rd lap I took my eyes off the trail to look at a rider ahead who was running and Down I went again. Back up I could hear the Cheers for Heath who was coming for me. Ge got me mid way through the last lap and I got him back shortly their after. My back was in pain but wanted to get it done. One climb to go and one more down and It was over. 2nd in age group and 10th overall. That is 3 for 3 in 2nd place and missed the money by one spot again. Good race and great weekend happy that the whole family went and had a blast in the town of Duluth.

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T Miller said...

Nice riding Sunday, Devin! You're definately getting stonger as the year progresses. So, are you from CO? The Spot/Maverick bike and DPA lend to that notion.

I just swung by the Spot/Maverick headquarters about 3 weeks ago. Was out in Boulder for a wedding and some biking. Rode the Apex trail in Golden, Co, which was freakin' awesome.