Sunday, June 21, 2009


The morning started off well with a huge breakfast and a bit of sunshine. We are full of strawberries here at the house so it is use them where ever you can. Weather man said heavy rain but my map did not show that so it was off to the Proving Grounds. The road going up is green with lot of flowers, and always a great climb, if you went warmed up you are now.
The forest is thick now lots of vegetation and in some places over growing the trail. My only problem is that I am allergic to just about all of it. This past week has been an experiment of histamines and those were all road rides. Glad that I did not head over to the Cup race needed to have a week to my self. Now it is time to get ready for next sunday, Mankato, great little ski area race, they say 500 feet of climbing per lap. Should be a good one. Happy dad's day to the pappa's now time to chill and get ready for the week ahead...

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