Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Green Chilli Mr Tagert

Got out today with Kris the owner of Breck Velo and Kevin Soller an U23 rider who has had one hell of a great season even wore the white jersey at the NVGP.
We went up and over gold run road which was one hell of a kick in the crotch for a start climb. Never was that fond of it while I was in town and today it hurt even more. Took what they called the jump line down to Toxic Forest. Had another one of my feet pull out on one of the jumps ouch.. Like the Look pedals don't like the mishaps .Rode the flumes down and through high lands and then out to the colorado trail. Lots and lots of people out on mountain bikes trail head at the Dredge was full. I have not climbed up the North Fork in a few years and the last time I was able to clean it. Today I got close had a spin out lots of moon dust on the trails. Got to the top and was very happy good long grunt and now time for the down hill. About 4 miles down hill through sage and alive and dead pines so much down that my insides hurt by the end. Great ride I felt like I rode well for the altitude could not go down hill as fast as the two I was with but both being semi/pro downhillers I had no chance. At the end I was good and fried legs were hollow and body was ready for food . Tomorrow off to Taos to see what the land of entrapment has to offer. Need to recover so I can ride again tomorrow.

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