Sunday, August 16, 2009

Higher Life

For Starters Sophia had a great day,, she did her best Hole Shot Hollywood start and went for it at the gun. Cam through 9 out of 19 and was nothing but smiles. As for me the best part of the day was the call up which gave me front row view. After that it was a different story. I was not able to put the harder gear on because, I did not have enough spacers and in hind sight The one that I had was a bit to much. My start was good and even through the first lap was happy with what was going on but then it got grim. My legs we heavy and turning over the cranks with the moist ground was tough. It was not a total loss finished mid pack and totally blown. The break that is going to come is very much welcomed. Some time away from racing and training just going out and riding with old friends and a few new ones. Vacation is going to be sweet then I can get after the rest of the season. Great Job out there today all you Performance driven freaks... Photos:SkinnySKI

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