Monday, August 10, 2009

Buck This

Sophia is back from camp and went bike racing. I think that she would have rather been at camp. After two weeks off the bike I was just happy to see her out. She had a great start in to the single track but started going backwards from there. She put in a good fight and said to me after that she can't just come off the couch and expect to do well. WOW!! For me the usual except a lower than normal turn out. I have never raced at Buck, when I was young I race at Hyland Hills but not here. Got the call up and a front row Spot, my goal was to get to the single track climb as fast as I could. At go Brendan was off and I got on his wheel, and sat there through the first climb. At the top trying to recover Jesse and Eric came around on the Pave. Back in to the single now just wanted to build and hold the gaps that were created. Going in to the second of six laps the Lap traffic started to show, now it got tricky. Yes there was some not so great passing on my end but I will not put all of that on me I called out every pass and tried to do it clean. By lap three I was joined by Jo Mama, and we stuck together for a good long time until one more crappy pass that pushed me in to the weeds and he was able to power away. Always in my sights I kept the hammer down hoping for a chance. As lap 6 rolled Dave O caught me on the single climb and made a great move to get around some comp riders,,,,, I was stuck all I could do was grind it out. Came through the line in 6th 52 seconds off of Mama and less than that on Dave. Great race and a good test of the later season legs. Cash was won and good times were had. Next up the Broader Battle Should be a Good one.