Tuesday, June 08, 2010

All up from Here

Sunday in big sky country or Afton Alps.
Big blue skies and great temp's.
Sophia was going off first with the #1 call up to the line.
After they all got staged they were off.
Found a good spot on the descent to watch and I could 
not believe  my eyes she was the first one 
of the girls to rip the hill down to the start finish.
She turned down the had up and took off,
we waited again for another 30ish mins and there she was all smiles 
crossing the line in 1:06 great time and a great win.
My turn next.
Lots of guys showing up to a hilly race and some really fast guys too.
After the call up's tried to relax and get my mind set.
Go,,,,,, Spun off the front as fast as i could
getting gobbled up on the first small hill
and into the flat before the single track.
Sitting about 30th I had work to do and 
some big climbs to do it on.
Worked hard on the first section up to Shady Lane.
Now groups started to form.
Worked with Oach's and Barry and Jo Mama,
but the biggest pulls came from Young Jake.
for the next three laps we took turns pull and trying to 
get our gap to grow. 
Last time up Shady Lane legs tired but 
Knowing that the end was in sight I searched the 
dark corners of the pain cave to see what I had.
Was able to crate a bigger gap to the chasers and 
flew down the final hill. Under 2 hours and across the 
line first in class and 10th over all..
It was a good day and a good bit of training for what is to come.
Thanks to all for the help and support could 
not do it with out you all.....


Dust said...

Nice work Devin! I'll have to come and race with you sometime. I might be doing the Red Wing Memorial Park race on the 4th.


Matt said...

Good day for the both of you! awesome work.