Monday, June 28, 2010

Brothers Cup

Watching weather
has become a sport almost as 
time consuming as bike riding. Lots of eyes to the sky
and computer screens as the Subaru Cup got closer.
A nasty thunder storm rolled through the area
late friday night. I was sure that the 
race would be a mud fest.

Get to Mt Morris and check out the trails
fry and getting dryer. So I plunked down some money 
and started to get ready. As the cat 2 race went they
helped squeeze more water out of the trails making
it ready for the rest of us.
 The line up was a mess it was a free for all to get to the 
line first. This ended up being a big part of a good start to the 
Don yelled go and we were off up hill and heading to the single 
In to the woods following some the juniors that got line up first 
it turned in to a pin ball game with the rocks and the tall ferns.
Around to the pond and back into the woods to start climbing.
So far the course was great and fast. Down then back up.
Now this last up was a bit of a bitch good and steep with no
sustained climbing really punch quick power and 
soft like a sponge. This part hurt had to do a 
few cyclo-cross moves to keep going.
Four more times around. 
Felt ok started a bit to hard and payed for it.
Good ride good training I want more.
Red Wing is next and it should be dry.

Here is the end and a bit of pain..
Photos Skinny Ski

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Matt said...

Congrats on the suffer fest. Good luck in Red Wing too - man I haven't been there in like 25-years. They still make pottery there?