Monday, June 14, 2010


Du Lac:::
Long story sort I packed it in.
Not my style but could not push the bike any longer.
1st mistake was changing tires thought that I was 
smart and put on the big treads.
No they just collected the mud.
Second mistake giving up.
About 3/4 of a mile in to the second lap 
already pushing and not having my wheels spin,
I said enough.
Doomed from the start.
Big props go out to the Kid who finished 
2+ hours for some 7-8 miles.
And all the rest of the the Elite's
who slogged it out was not my day.
That being said three hours of cleaning today,
still have some work to do new chains and grease in places
that have red clay as Phil Wood lube.
Shoes still drying and some wounds to lick.
Next race is the big show no mailing this one in no 
1/2 asses. It is either all ass in or get on out.

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