Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am not super hero and don't try to pretend to be one.
But this morning I needed x-ray vision to get through the fog.
Plan was to ride the bike that shifted but as I 
started to ride away my right foot
did not clip in. Must have broke my
cleat when I came home with the boy on 
monday. So back in the house and a quick change of
shoes and bikes and back to the plan of the 
bitch of a hill the Quarry Road.
Not being able to shift was going to make the steep part hard and it did.
So a quick dismount and up to the Gate. Rest was steady as she goes.
Not sure how much longer this will last and this weekend gun season 
starts so that may be shut down. 
Still as always better riding than driving and better riding up
a kick ass hill then walking on a flat road.

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