Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rubber Sole

Seem to be to many in the garage that need to be replaced.
The Titus was the bike that I wanted with 
the thin coating of moisture on the ground.
But once again flat rear. The Hard Case 28's have seen 5-6K miles and

I think that they are done for.
Think that their is one or two sets left at the shop and 
I am going to have to snatch them up. Bontrager in their super wisdom
stopped making one of their best tires ever.

So with that I ended up on the Gunnar which is not normally the foul weather bike
but it was today.
Low clouds hung on the bluffs and i really wanted to go up
hill. So I did and in to a cloud that was full of wet cold water.
Thanks to the Metal and some woolie socks 
I made it down the S descent the slowest I have ever gone down that
hill. But in the greasy conditions I stayed upright.

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