Monday, November 08, 2010

Fast and Then Faster

Cross racing it is that time of year and everybody is doing it. I have not lined up for a cross race since the first year of UCI race outside of Madison.  Rocking the Metal suit and flying the Hwood flag I managed to find the start line and meet some of my fellow racers. Their was a hole shot prize and that was taken by Ezra Taylor while Jay and I sat on his Wheel. As the first lap shook out the positions were jockeyed for as Eppen and Casper made their presence know. 
They were joined by Little Guy, and I did what I could to hold on. I got scraped off the front three and beaten by the wind. That is when Chris Alme came around and I tried to hold on but was some what shattered. Got passed one last time this time by Dan Strese and his wheel I was able to hold on to for the last three laps. 
I thought I had it all figured out sit there and wait for the last 50 yards and as we came out of the drainage ditch and made the turn to the line he had already kicked and I had no match. At the line his front wheel got me and I slid in to 6th and just out of the Money. 
I had a blast yes I have been sore for the past two days but have not done anything at race pace for over a month and epically have not gotten off my bike and ran with it.  Huge thanks to the crew that put on the race and for getting me to the line, for all the great competition for letting me play cyclocross with them. 
 And Even BIGGER thanks to The HWOOD crew and to ALL AT TWIN SIX>>> You all helped me have one Hell Of A Kick ASS YEAR!!!!

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