Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bad connection

I am having problems with my internet so things might be skimpy for a while.. for the longest time things were fast but have not been able to connect to the fast network,. Left the house after work to try out the new shoes which rocked and ran in to c-ball. I had other plans and ended up doing his ride which was going south on highway 9. I have not climbed up hoosier pass in a few years, a lot of people avoid this climb because of the traffic but it is a great climb. I frlt great on the climb slow at the first switch back and then started to crank it out, I had a great sprint to the top, again felt great.. On the down I was a little cold the 45+ speeds and the wind made it a bit rough but damm I was glad to knock this one out good fun.. the whole house is sick better not mess with me I am going to ride the shit out of my bikes this weekend in Firuta.

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