Sunday, August 17, 2008

6 hours of B.E.E.R.

With a bike race here in town thought it would be good training for the Dakota 50. Had all my H2O in a cooler on pit row and food for the day next to that. With a short run down to the bikes and a parade lap we were off. I found my self up front with two others, the man on the gas was a GF 29er rider so I sat in. As we hit the single track the two up front had some good bobbles so that left me alone. For the first lap I pushed it a bit not wanting to over do it but wanted to build any time gaps that I could. Alone now for the next lap and one half when Carlos caught back on. We went back and forth for a bit and he ended up riding away. One of my goals was 4 laps in three hours, did that but now had three hours left and I was getting tired. I started to take some pits in between laps to slow things down. I knew unless Carlos had another flat or had to change his back wheel again that I wasn't going to catch him and I was ok with that. So as the 6:00 hour rolled around I called it sitting in 2nd with 6 laps. Now there was a Hollywood guy behind me who happened to be the winner last year. He came in and checked the times, left at 6:10 and need to get his lap done before 7. Already with a few beers in me I sat and watched the clock. He managed to squeak one more in. Yes I could have held on to 2nd if I had gone back out but my body was not into it, Had I not changed my gearing and stayed with the easier on that I had on the 7th may have happened. I am happy with the outcome. Good time in the saddle and good work before the 5-0. Bike rode well and I was very happy to have the Maverick on the front and thanks to King Cage never lost a bottle. Rest more food and time to get back to work.


Matt said...

Scweet! good job on the enduro there amigo. Yeah that whole last lap thing is entertaining for spectators but brutal for those in the lead. I've been in that situation a few times myself.

Didn't know you were doing the Dakota!

Will no longer ne Spotless next week, and test rode the Mav this week. Schweeeet!

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I LOVE YOU said...