Thursday, August 07, 2008


All the parts fit and now it is a really sweet bike. First of all thanks to David at Sun Race for the chance to ride these sweet new parts. Light and smooth and from first test spot on. David P. at Thomson also gets a huge thanks for the stem and seat post, helping make the picture what it is. The bike comes in at just over 18 lb's and handles like a sharp knife. It took me a minute to get used to the shifting I kept wanting to push the brake lever, once I got over that I was happy with the set up. The button for shifting down the cluster is right there at your finger tips. This is my first time riding on 10 speed so I am getting used to using both big and small chain rings. The 12-23 I thought was going to be to small for the hills around here, so after I got home I went out and found the biggest hill that I could find and rode up it. Not a problem and the handling at 50 mph was also perfect,, all thanks to the stiff steel frame. All and all I am going to love this bike and enjoy putting on tons of miles of the next few months until the snow falls. Now if I could just get my self up to the cities to ride with Roy and his crew. So much more to come lot to ride and enjoy.

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Jared Roy said...

rock on bro.. you're welcome anytime.. bring the family. we've got room