Monday, August 04, 2008

Day oNe

Good weekend of riding not the volume that I
wanted but the work that needed to be done was.
After all the Brats and beer were consumed any riding was good riding.
I am on the fence about next weekend/ Do I drive 3+ hours to go race the sunburst race
or do I stay home and just log some miles. I have the 6 hour race here in 2 weeks then comes the 50 out in the Black Hills. I need to get this all figured out.
The Gunnar is coming along nicely, just waiting on a clamp for the front derailer, then it should be done, It is going to be a sweet ride.
A big good job to Toast for his ride this weekend at the 24/9 race, their is always next year,
second place is still dammmm good.

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