Sunday, August 10, 2008

Round and Round and Round

Out again in the AM for some road riding , ended up in a group of guys so it was nice to get to show off and talk about all the new parts. They were all in to what they saw and heard. This bike rides like a dream.Then it was off to the shop to get Sophia's bike all tuned up, she was going to ride and come out of retirement. She figured if Farve could do it so could she. Large group ride up at the proving grounds with catered food and drinks. She had a blast in the womans group and even went on to say that she wished that she would have been in a group that went faster. James had fun to in the pump track, The seed has been planted to get the training wheels off.
What does the day hold I am thinking some thing with two wheels. Go fast and have fun.

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Matt said...

Good times there amigo.