Monday, January 12, 2009

Blue toes coming

Jury duty was a bust and I think that it is fair to say that if dumb people stop doing stupid things that people wont be subjected to go through such a boring and long waste of time. That being said I need something to do so what would a wise man do. GO SKI!! With a cloud covering the valley and white flakes falling and the temps to drop through out the week that is what I did. The woods were empty with only one or two people out. About an inch or two on perfect groom made for a nice afternoon. I stayed in the wood because the golf course would have been like skiing in a milk carton. Up and down hills and then back again, all made for good work. On some of the downhills the snow was deep enough to make some skinny ski tele turns. Then out of no where came the groomer, which made me more modivated and ski some more I did. Body and legs were into it and if was not for overheating and being covered in snow I may have stayed out longer. More snow on the way and then the temps drop to super cold like highs of -4 oh yea fun stuff.

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