Friday, January 23, 2009

Half Drunk on the babble U MIx

Time is some times all it takes. This morning I had that time. I was able to get out earlier than normal for a ski and after three waffles I was more than fueled up. Upon ariving at the trail head I ran in to a Pickle and his little buddy Frodo, they were going running in the woods. It was funny they looked like Abbot and Costello. I settled into my groove and as an added bonus I was following the groomer. At the hour mark I swapped jackets and went out for more. Things were firing on all cylinders good movement fast glides and good hill climbing. All said and done a hair under two hours. A great play list kept me moving the whole time just pumped to be out, because here it comes again for the weekend cold almost as cold as last week.. Have Fun and Go fast!

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