Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rubber Legs

The Blue Birds were out and the skiing was good. It is starting to catch up with me, Yesterdays ski in the new snow with hill repeats made my legs heavy today. I got to play with my new camera,only problem was I was moving so fast with little stop time epically after I ran in to Paul and Milt. i hope to get back out in the AM to round out the week,,,,I may have jury duty this coming week then we head up to MN to do some skiing there hang with family and see some old friends. This here is Sophia's Mountain bike that is now for sale going to get her on some bike wheels. Her and this bike got along for the past two years,fast light weight, but it is time to get on some 9er wheels and go even faster. So if any one out there in internet land is looking for a 15" Race bike let me know.

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