Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winona Dudd

The new year is here and I hope that all had a safe and good night. I kept it mellow as I was in charge of driving the mini van. After getting the kids from grandma's this morning I headed up north to Ynonia and hit up the Ski trails. It is the real deal up at St. Marys, well groomed and laid out. It felt as if i was doing nothing but climbing the whole time. First class,,, this system of skate trails is as good if not better than the Breckenridge Nordic center.
No hikers no sledders no snowshoes!! I would love to work this in to my week,,,skiing there not to far you just have to go all the way to Minnesota. CRAZY. More work is needed before I go and ski with Anna's aunt and uncle. Have fun go fast and enjoy the Ride.

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the_anti_blog said...

when is the next race there? any plans?