Saturday, April 03, 2010

Rust never sleeps

Like Loverboy said everybody's
working for the weekend.
I was all ready to ride dirt with the kid,
all day long daydreaming about the trails.
And like clock work at 2:30 the sky's cracked open and
unleashed the furry of the seasons first 
strong storm. Only lasted 10 minutes or so 
but the damage was done.
So the Spot sits until things dry out.
My thoughts are to get up with the sun and ride before the easter
madness begins.
Might get after the group ride today don't do enough of those
and it may be nice to ride with someone. The whole month
of march I think that I only rode 40 miles out of 1000 with other two wheeled pilots.
Flanders is tomorrow so brew some coffee and make some waffles and 
watch the fun that is the Tour Of Flanders.