Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting ready

Out yesterday in 
the woods trying
to see how I felt and how the bike rode. Bike rode well
I felt like I had cement in each leg.
Need to shake that out.
Rode the new shoes to work
like the feel don't like the way they interact 
with the Quartz pedals.
Think that i may go back to Time and 
see how that works.
Rear brake giving me grief along with chain tension.
Big down side to horizontal drops. The 
new Spots are built with a Paragon like
slider this changes the way the wheel  and brake line up.
All that said big test on sunday, hope I am ready,
now not sure about the kid came home with 
two bags of ice on her legs,, some pop in here knee at 
track. I told her to stop running unless cased.
Ride a bike.

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