Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love my bike more than You

With Racing only a week away
it was time to 
push my self a bit harder through the week.
So happy to ride dirt on back to back days
and have a solid Emag ride friday morning.
The uno x uno's have been getting the work done.
Not sure if my calipers are lined perfect but I will get those dialed. 
Bike is riding well and I have been feeling good.
Goals today were to enjoy a saturday.
Bikes were prepped  and the Kid and I went out.

Great to see her on a bike again.
and she rode so well. 
A bit windy no really windy, but not in the woods.
In the woods it was all smiles.

We had a great ride and at the end 
Anna and The James met
us at the trail head to take the boy for a ride.
He had a blast with his Taos jersey flapping in the wind.
Single track for the whole family.. Except the mom. 
Anna braved the wind.. 20-30 mph winds on the
road bike. She too killed it not where
I would have like to ridden but riding a bike is better than not riding the bike. 
It's better to regret something that you have done
than something that you haven't done...... And if you 
see you mom this weekend Tell Her>>>>