Sunday, April 25, 2010

I want to DesTroy YoU

Good work was done this week in 
prep for racing today,
but mother nature had the last word.
Even if the rains were not as bad as last year,
the cost of entry for Sophia and I did not balance
out if it was going to be wet at all.
We have bigger fish to fry and that 
all starts next week in Central Wisco.
Now I watch the winds blow and rain fall
wondering if their will be any wheels turning 
or just some much need rest.?
Next weekend as coach would say is going to
break some dishes. 
Love the race in Iola,, first one that I
did when I moved here and I learned quick 
how fast things move.
The Questions are there>>Have I done
enough>> Can I hang in with the fast ones??
More specific work this week and then goooo.

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h2o Racer said...

Should have raced Decorah. Yeah it was wet, but the dificulty of the course trumped the fact that it was wet. There were climbs that were unridable in any condition on any bike even by the winner. It was a difficult yet great 11 mile race. Mist was in the air, and that was all.