Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunshie Iceholes

Today is going to be an easy day with rain in the
forecast.  I have been getting after it the past seven
days. One last big test not saying that I am training but going to be ready to take on the Sith.
Not sure that people take me seriously but at least I can put forth a good showing.
I chased down a car the other morning ,,,almost to work and some lady 
almost smoked me at the intersection of State and 4th St. Went up to her window and 
asked her why she thought it was ok to almost hit a cyclist,,,she was stunned and said she did not see me.
I think it is hard to pay attention when you are on your phone listing to the news
and putting on eye liner.
Days are short nights are getting longer people everywhere are going cross crazy,
here in the armpit of Wisco it is just time to ride and enjoy the fall.
Watch out for bimbo's they aren't watching for you.

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Matt said...

Be careful amigo.....