Thursday, September 09, 2010

Shread the Dog

The Laddies Loppet two days and three stages of racing up at Jay Richards super cool northern MN XC ski and bike resort.
Saturday was going to be a TT and short track.
The TT came about 10ish in the AM and I was ready, cool and damp so the times were coming in a bit slower than the ones from last year. I had given the course a test lap and thought that I had it down. At race pace it was another story.. Coming of the ski trail in to the single at speed was a bit of trick. Came across the line a few ticks over eleven minutes. Little mad at my self for not being faster but it going to be a long weekend. 
The short track was not till 5:30 so time to hang out and ride bikes. I wanted to see the xc race course. Went out for a spin with Hwood and Smoking Joe. The single track that they have cut by hand is amazing. Tight twisty and needing to be on it at all times.
Short track time,,,, I knew that this may be a fight to stay on. With the Road Races and cyclocross experts lining up holding on to the pain train was going to be hard. 18 minutes +2 laps. I lasted about 10 minutes before getting pulled. My 34x18 was no match for the speed up front. by the end 1/2 of the field was pulled.

Sunday brought the XC race, and an onslaught of people to the resort. Today was going to be more my speed. 
Up front trying to hang on the ski trail again the pace was flying. Got into the single track and needed to start making up some time. The trails took a lot of brain power to stay moving and stay up right. I had one lack of attention an was over the bars and on the ground.
Got the bike up and was moving not missing a beat.

Two more laps pushing through the pain. Came across 14th over all 3rd in age… one race left and the overall is still in sight.
If you have not been you need to get up to Maplelag and enjoy all that the Richards have to offer…. Party on and ride with Pride

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