Sunday, September 26, 2010

Anti Up

I went all IN and right from the start I knew 
that I needed to be all IN.
Soft and soggy ski trail to start.
Some bumping and rubbing Barry and my self almost going down.
Hit the  first section of single and was in full chase mode.
I could see the race all in front of me.
This was it could not close the gaps that I need to close.
Moved ok on the single that is as tight and twisty that
you can ride. 
After four laps of sluggish corners and crashes from my self
and Barry  I was fried.
Left it all on the single track gave it all I could.
Barry came around towards the end of lap four and 
I came in 11th overall on the day one spot out of the money.
Huge shout and thanks to all that made this season a
reality for me. 
Now it is time to enjoy fall and my time on the bike.
And yes to start thinking of next season.
Go fast and then Go faster.

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Matt said...

Nice end to the season! Now ride your tail off before it snows!