Wednesday, September 22, 2010

View from uo HeRe

My great idea for the day was to ride up 
at the HTP on the way to work but to it on the SSCX.
With the new Small Blox 8's I knew it 
was going to be so much fun.
It was it was and the only hard part 
was climbing up the quarry hill. 
Covered by morning dew and a bit of mud splatter I was
all smiles on the way to the first job.
Hanging out at the shop second job of day
I watched the clouds roll in.
I am going to get wet.
Passing the time reading and flipping through the new Bike Mag,
I came across a Picture of Captain H-Wood him self 
in a story written by Stevil.
Almost out the door and ready to get wet a customer slides back in 
to wish me good luck on my race this weekend.
As we say good bye he slips me a gas card for the local petrol station.
It is moments like this that make realize that good people do exist. 
Thanks to you for making the cycling world spin.

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