Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tears in my beer

We have had three weeks of great snow pack.
The trail conditions here in Lacrosse have been the 
best that I have seen in my four years here.
But so far today we are experiencing Shit Soup.
and it wont end until tomorrow night when they are calling for thunder storms.
Now I don't think that all the snow will go away but it is going to make our
Bing Crosby winter wounder land look like shit.
Now not being a smart man I will like I do most day gear up
for a 7.5 mile ride in to work staying dry on the inside and 
crying on the outside. It 
is still not even January so things can change and 
we could be sitting on feet of snow again. If not let all of it melt
let the temp get over 50 and lets start riding out side more with fewer layers.
Ok I am now done whining like a little Bitch.

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