Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nordic Good

Slow day at the shop
yesterday but the payoff was the last customer telling me how good the skiing was.
So home I went, with a much cleaner commute as all the snow had been plowed.
Need to get my bench cleared off and set up 
the waxing station.
Happy skis are fast skis,, and yes they were happy today.
Best that I have ever felt for a day one on snow.
And the conditions were great for no snow to snow.
Ran in to the former owner of my skis and we slid through the woods.
I could have skied for ever today but there was way to much other stuff to do.
I can't wait for the next time out need to find my light 
or more lights so I can keep going. 


Matt said...

Looks like good times on the groomed trails for you. All our snow is melting.....

devin said...

Ours is getting messed up by lack of it,,ski till ya can't ski any more