Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Great Brendnie

Here is to the man that they have called Grover.
I at times call him my brother.
Today he is old..... much older than me he is now
We  have been though a lot together over the years.
He handed me down his bike and I taught him how to ride it.
He was the first one on skis and I showed him how they worked.
When he finished collage and needed a place to live I had him move in with me.
We've rocked out to music and slid down mountain peaks,
stood in streams and watched our children grow.
Separated now by miles and miles 
we don't see each other to often but I know with skis on his feet and 
some fuzz tones in his head that Forty will be a happy day for sure.
Happy Birthday Old Man 

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