Sunday, December 26, 2010


The skiing has been good and I have been trying to get 
out as much as I can.
Other than the commute I have not been doing much with the 
bike other than day dreaming.
I have heard no and we are cutting back our budget more this 
year than I have in any other.
Still trying to get things lined up and hoping to hear some more yeses so I can start to 
line things up.
The new year should bring some changes.
All are recovering from some post holiday bliss.
The family had a good haul and I think that 
Anna really likes her new car even though she wont be driving it anytime soon.
Need to land another XC set up so the two girls don't need to share.

Go Green and Gold.


Matt said...

Wooahh...that is one cool commuter!

devin said...

just months away from getting to use it