Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bright Eyes

After a long day of weather delays and slow travel we made it to the valley of the sun.
Some stiff drinks and food and we were in the pool.
The whole family was thankful to be here and done traveling.
I swung over to Yuri's house this morning to pick up
his SIR 9 to ride while I am in town. Dropped off a small pile 
of thank you gifts and was ready to start riding. 
Now I have already heard that me riding a geared bike with suspension front and rear means that I am not hard core.  Not sure what that means but I am riding single track and not dealing with the weather back home. 
The ride it's self was super nice could put the bike any where that you wanted on a trail strewn with
baby head and bigger rocks. The Niner seemed to float down the trail. 
Felt so good to out on dirt and even better to be in the sun. 
More to come approaching this week as a rest and recovery have fun week
before the race season starts when we get home. 
Now time for more beverages and sunshine.

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Matt said...

I know that times to be had all around there.