Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Burnt Rubber

 Been trying to cram as much work into my days as I can. Two solid weeks and a few more days until we head off for vacation. Been going up through the quarry more and more now that the rivers have flooded the marsh.
 And after some 7500 miles and 2.5 seasons my
Bontrager hard case 28's have died. It does not help that I slammed on the brakes after I heard a motorist tell me to get on the F$#king sidewalk. 
I whipped a skid around and went back to his open window and asked what?
Now I don't think that I am too scary looking... all kitted up even in the Metal kit,, but he did not have much to say when I asked what his problem was? It was a fun back and forth....If I was Pickle or Kingsberry I would have hit him.. Again I am not  to scary, probably smelled bad so he went on his way.

 I like when I can watch the sun come up on one side of the bluff and watch in shine down the other. 
Got a ride set up next Wednesday in Sedona with Gnome then going up to hang out in the Coconino
HQ and talk bikes and old times... I am so ready for vacation and single track. It is going to be good therapy.

Speaking of Arizona picked up another new Sponsor for this season.. they are going to help keep my tires full of air and keep me in the running. 
Based out of Tucson AZ they have been keeping tires inflated for over 20 years!!

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