Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The higher you get the higher you are

Woke up this morning at 1200 feet and found my self riding single track @ 7000+.
Left the valley of the sun this morning it was 67 degrees out and 30 up in 
Flagtown. The drive up was just beautiful
the early morning sun dancing on the contours of the mountain and
clinging to the ends of the many cacti that make up the 
Made it up to town and meet up with Gnome and
then with Thom and headed off to go and 
get some high elevation single track.
Hitting up the connector trail to the bottom of Schultz Creek the 
trails were just as I remember them. As soon as we hit the bottom of the climb the 
speed went up and so did my HR. Legs felt great  but
the recovery was tough Du to the lack of O2.
Climbed for a good bit and up dog food and one we were not sure of the name
then started to head towards Moto.
That is where I found the ground but saving Yuri's bike from 
the sharp volcanic rocks.
We traversed the mountain shredding the moon dust single track till we came to Snowbowl Road. 
With another climb to get to the top of the mesa we descended back in to Flagstaff.
Just under three hours and tons of great riding. 
The cherry on top of a great vacation. One more ride before I give Yuri back 
his bike,,,,,Then on saturday we back to the great white north
If you did not know I love bikes and love when the wheels are 
Go ride your Bike!! 

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