Sunday, April 03, 2011

April Showers

Now April is here and things seem to becoming together.
March turned out to be a good month, only a buck fifty off of last march and
last year we had perfect conditions. This year was craptastic weather.
In the last seven days I have had a food solid block a bit over seventeen hours of
quality work. I feel good but still need to feel better. The first test will be
May the first and then I will know if I have done enough.
The hope is to have my race bike assembled today. Still waiting for the
shifting stuff, but the single version will be complete. 
And one week from friday we are AZ bound. And with the help of 
Yuri I  have a Niner waiting for me, so single track heaven will be 
ridden until I pass out. 
One hell of a amazing RvV this morning, out to train with 
the Girl later in some Belgian like conditions, now if I could
only find her some cobbles.

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