Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It was cold on the way to work today the kind of cold that you breath in and freeze your lungs. fun day of work blew out two tires on the skid steer that I was drving always fun to break something when you should not be in it in the first place.... After a full day of watching people kum and go from the ski hill it made me want to go and ski.. And ski I did,,,.. I was not to cold on the hill because their was not any wind so from 3 to four I ripped turns all over the mountain. I started on 10 and got 4 really good runs the skis were really pushing through all the new snow, and after that hit the rails in the park and was ready to call it a day when the lifts were still turning... Ok so it is 4 0 2 and they let me on the lift for one last one run. I chose e chair because more bang for your buck.. It was worth it not untracked buk big pillows to push through and make sweet turns,,,,.... More sking this weekend when it warms back up tomrrow they are only calling for a high or -1 so when I head in to work it should be really cold,,,, that reminds me I need to pull my bike in the house....Ca chow!!!!

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