Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fish with wings

I decided to start riding the new wheels, for the road bike. I was going to wait until the Gunnar was ready to go but the Reynolds wheels that I have been running scare me. So far so good on the new ones smooth and fast, my boss said they aren't as nice as carbon but oh well not the biggest fan of carbon. It has almost been a year since we have moved and a lot has happened with us and their is a lot that I miss, from the old hood and having people to ride with and..... I miss my old house but that may change as we have put in an offer on a house tonight. We'll see what happens nice size and a new build. Weather is only getting warmer and i hope for more seat time and with the race season coming i hope that i am going to be ready. More and more miles to come.

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Matt said...

New casa, eh? Good time to buy.